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BloomsFair offers a great service and supply and fantastic product for window decoration. We were very impressed with their promptness to deliver us a decorations for a xmas display window with very short notice and they were able to meet our budget requirements whilst giving us a very festive and luxurious looking arrangement. We are very happy, and our clients have been very complimentary! We are working with them for a permanent display for the future and look forward to seeing the results.


From time to time we get requests for things that aren’t in season – this particular bride really wanted to have large, large peonies – which aren’t available until October usually, and they also would love hydrangea, which are traditionally best during the warmer months – so BloomsFair provided us with the best solution -amazing quality silk flowers and we mixed them in a bouquet with the real ones.


We are delighted to have Bloomsfair, our floral partner, providing such striking window installations. Their vibrant Flower Walls, Floral Lettering and Arches brim-full with stunning blooms never fail to attract attention, engaging our customers in conversation with staff and encouraging passers-by to step inside. We have complete confidence in the outstanding quality and performance of their product and the creativity, ingenuity and service standards of the Bloomsfair Team in meeting the scope of requirements specific to our needs... Blooms – tick!


We absolutely loved the colourful floral displays provided courtesy of Bloomsfair. Their unique blooms allowed us to augment the feel of several new residences at 10 Crescent Inn, Regents Park, beautifully accenting the varied colour narratives of the decor throughout, which enhanced the immersive effect of our beautiful new development. The flowers are extremely versatile with astounding levels of detail and performed in quiet, mutual collaboration with the extraordinary pieces of art being exhibited at the premises during Frieze!