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    02 October 2019

    Trends in Christmas Flowers 2019

    If you are hosting Christmas this year them you will want your home to look as festive as possible Floral Christmas décor from BloomsArt adds seasonal elegance to any home or business, and this guide will show you all the floral trends for Christmas 2019 so that you can decorate any space with artfully elegant faux flowers.

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    01 October 2019

    Take it From the Top with Floral Ceiling Décor

    The latest trend in floral décor using faux flowers is to use them for decorating your ceiling. Hanging flowers add a touch of mystery to any room and will be sure to attract attention from everyone who sees them. BloomsArt’s fake flowers take ceiling décor to a whole new level.

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    07 August 2019

    Fake Flowers for Window Boxes

    Who doesn’t love the look of fresh flowers in a window basket? But fresh flowers and plants can be expensive and need a lot of care, which isn’t always easy with a busy, modern life. This is where fake flowers for window boxes come into play.

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    05 August 2019

    What is an Artificial Plant Installation?

    An artificial flower and plant installation from BloomsArt is a custom-designed and installed display made from high-quality fake flowers and greenery. It can be designed to tie in with an existing colour scheme or to reinforce your branding

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    30 July 2019

    Now Trending: Floral Décor Made from Pampas Grass

    Add Height and Texture with Pampas Grass

    Pampas grass makes a stylish statement in floral arrangements as it adds texture and height to any space. The tall, feathery plumes add a touch of bohemian romanticism to a room, whether it is at home or in a commercial property such as a hotel or restaurant.

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    30 July 2019

    A Guide to Making Decorative Peacocks from Artificial FlowersBloomsArt floral peacocks make the perfect ornament for special events such as weddings and restaurant and hotel openings. 

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    03 July 2019

    Rent Wedding Flowers from BloomsArt

    BloomsArt have long been one of the most sought after companies for their cutting edge faux flowers and their innovative floral design, but they are now in high demand for their silk flowers for rent

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    03 July 2019

    Flowers for 2019 Fashion Trends

    How to use faux flowers in a way that mirrors trends in fashion with BloomsArt, and how to incorporate them into floral decor in your home or workplace.

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    04 June 2019

    Faux Flowers for Hotels

    When the time comes to order flowers for floral décor in hotels, high-end faux flowers are really coming into fashion. Attractive artificial flowers will make any hotel lobby or guest space look chic and inviting.

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    04 June 2019

    Using Colour to Reinforce Brand Identity: A brand’s colour choice is one of the first things that a customer sees when they look at a brand’s logo or design. It reinforces the identity of the business and the quality of the goods or services for sale.

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