20th April

2020: The Year of the Faux Flower

How Fake Flowers Became Cool Again

Dusty looking plastic flowers are a thing of the past, as we are now coming into a brand new era of real looking silk flowers. The new breed of fake flowers can be found everywhere from the high street to the sitting room, or as the backdrop for the perfect Instagram shot. More and more people are seeing the benefits of bright coloured, long lasting faux flowers.

Display ready Artificial Flowers

We at BloomsArt first got excited about the potential of high-quality artificial flowers after seeing the calibre of fake flowers that are being made in the Far East. They look convincing, even from close-up, and are a budget-friendly way to decorate any space. And unlike fresh flowers, these blooms do not wilt or fade and are not affected by the seasons. If you want a beach display in your shop or wedding in November, you can do that with BloomsArt faux flowers.

Our fake flowers look as though you have just picked them from your garden, and really draw attention to any space that they are placed in.

We have worked in venues throughout London creating a beautiful environment for customers and guests to relax in. From hip pavement cafes such as the Boulangerie Café, and the artisan chocolate company Saint Aymes, as well as larger companies such as Bulgari, Burberry and Buddha-Bar, we have designed and created stunning window and interior floral décor for them.

Some Rules about Using Faux Flowers

High-end fake flowers can be used on their own, or with fresh flowers or foliage for an interesting, modern look. If you are using them in the home, we recommend that you keep it simple, and add water to make the vase look completely real. Fake flowers look great when mixed with foliage as it adds height and depth, and balance the manufactured perfection of the faux flowers. Vases and other forms of floral décor can be changed throughout the year, to reflect the seasons, or for special parties and events. If your flowers gather a little dust, just use a hairdryer to get rid of any dust or fluff.

Popular Fake Flowers

We find that magnolia and orchids sell well, as their fleshy petals and leaves lend well to being replicated with silk and wax. Roses too look great, particularly in a sumptuous bouquet, perhaps for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day? As with fresh flowers, the stems of fake flowers can be trimmed to different lengths to give a stylish look. Stems can be bent and petals opened out for a naturalistic feel to your display.

Wedding Flower Walls

Flower walls have been trending for a while, with many celebrities and upmarket venues using them for events and backdrops. BloomsArt can design and create a custom-made faux flower wall for your business or wedding, and we even hire them out to save you money.

As you can see fake flowers are a great way to make your window display or event pop with colour. They are inexpensive compared to fresh blooms and are ideal for styling creatively. Contact us at BloomsArt if you want to bring a little colour into your life.